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Lizzie Deignan is a professional cyclist for Trek Segafredo and at the moment pregnant from het second child. Never ever did she doubt about the fact that she could combine being a mom while being one of the best cyclists in the world.

Lizzie Deignan

Who is Lizzie Deignan:

  • Professional cyclist for Trek Segafredo
  • Former World champion
  • Mom

The athlete

Lizzie Deignan is not unknown in the cycling world. She is already a professional cyclist for a few years. She has written history by winning the first Paris Roubaix for women in 2021. But besides that, she has also been and still is a true inspiration for female cyclists. Lizzie is one of the few moms in the peloton at the moment.

The Mom

In 2018 she became a first time mom from Orla. Not a lot of people had confidence in her choice of becoming a mom during her cycling career. But Lizzie was determined to come back and so she did. Thanks to the support from her new team at that moment, Trek Segafredo. At this moment Lizzie is not racing the classics, because she is pregnant from her second child.

A changed athlete

Before Lizzie had Orla, she was a real athlete that had strict rules for herself. Now she knows that not everything has to be perfect to be a brilliant athlete. When she is at home, she is first of all a mom. So, some days just don’t go by plan.

Get to know your body as a female athlete

After giving birth to Orla Lizzie noticed that something chanced in her menstrual cycle. For the first time she really had to try to understand her menstrual cycle and adapt her training to that. Together with her husband, Philip Deignan (who is also her coach), they really try to understand how Lizzie her body and hormones work and how they can benefit from that.

It is important to know that every woman is different and it can be really beneficial as an athlete to get to know your body and your menstrual cycle.

Golden piece of advice from Lizzie:

“ A happy mom, means a happy baby. You have to find time for yourself and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Staying fit and healthy and going out for a bike ride and meanwhile socializing with friends is an amazing use of your time.”

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